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The Vagina Museum

Jun 9, 2020

Coming to you from lockdown in London, this is Part II of a special mini-series on vagina myths!

False pregnancy and contraception myths busted in this episode:

You can't get pregnant if...the woman doesn’t orgasm;  if you shower, urinate or douche right after sex; your partner pulls out before they ejaculate; it’s your first time having sexual intercourse; you have PIV sex in a hot tub; you are breastfeeding; you have sex standing up; douche with Coca-Cola after sex. (ALL FALSE)

COVID-19 has put the museum in danger of permanent closure, so please visit our website or social media sites to learn how you can help us survive and continue our mission. 


Credits: Hosted by Alyssa Chafee, written by Sarah Creed, narrated by Florence Schechter, and edited by Hannah Hethmon of Better Lemon Creative Audio.